Specialist dentist's offices

Prosthetics and orthodontics
in Szczecin and Pyrzyce

Specialist dentist's offices in Szczecin and Pyrzyce render wide-ranging, professional dental services, especially in the fields of prosthetics and orthodontics.

Lekarze stomatolodzy

Staff dentists in dentist's offices in Szczecin and Pyrzyce:

Ewa Jabłońska
Ewa Jabłońska, PhD
Second-Degree Specialist in Orthodontics
First-Degree Specialist in General Dentistry
Dariusz Maciej Jabłoński
Dariusz Maciej Jabłoński, PhD
Second-Degree Specialist in Prosthetics
First-Degree Specialist in General Dentistry


Occlusion defects correction, treatment of adults and children with fixed and removable orthodontic braces requires time and proper fitting.

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Conventional prosthetics, removable dental prostheses, fixed dental prostheses, prosthetics on dental implants, denture locks on teeth and roots.

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Dental surgery

Minor dental surgeries: teeth extraction, general and local anaesthesia, root resection, pre-prosthetic surgery.

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Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry: dental caries treatment in adults and children, root canal treatment, teeth whitening with a new, state-of-the-art ZOOM lamp.

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Loose teeth splinting, anti-inflammatory treatment, surgical treatment, subgingival scaling, polishing, frenula procedures, comprehensive periodontosis treatment.

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Instruction on teeth brushing, removal of dental plaque and other sediments, dietary advice on diet healthy for the teeth, teeth varnishing, tooth grooves varnishing, preventive polishing.

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